"Home is not where your mortgage is."

Welcoming all tropics fanatics

Motto:  I do not know anything more delightful than waking up in the morning on a white sand beach in a tropical breeze with a splashing tidal sound of ocean.       

The chief goal of this website is to exchange information between travelers who, like me, fell in love with traveling to South East Asia and South Pacific as they feel dull at home, in countries with the somewhat cold continental climate.

My vision is an internet website that becomes a watering hole for those who are keen on visiting exotic, tropical countries.  
A website that is useful for travelers who hate spending their time primarily with other tourists by the pool at the flashy hotels or sterile resorts overrun with people without their own fantasy. My idea is to bring together adventurous travelers who tend to avoid hotel-based holidays and rather try to go down roads less traveled. 

So, if  you make an effort to immerse yourself in the local way of life, endeavor to blend in with indigenes to get to know their culture, traditions and language when traveling, you are more than welcome to share (and shoulder) information on this website.

The content of 2palms.net grows with the number of countries I and other contributors visited, with experience gained and with information we all gather. Hence, creation of such a project is an endless journey with the horizon unforeseeable. Surely, when traveling, we sometimes feel satisfaction from the journey itself; we may not always hurry to reach the final destination.

May the wind be always at you back!









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